Netley Station opened 5 March 1866. Near to the station is the Royal Victoria Country Park the site of the former military hospital the Royal Victoria Hospital, or Netley Hospital. When it was built the hospital was the longest building in the world. During the second world war it was known as the 28th US General Hospital. At the suggestion of Queen Victoria, the train line was extended into the grounds of the hospital on 18 April 1900 so as to convey patients more easily. The railway line was also used for Queen Victoria’s frequent visits to the hospital.

In Conan Doyle’s story A Study in Scarlet Dr. Watson recounts his earlier life before meeting Sherlock Holmes. It is established that Dr. Watson received his medical degree from the University of London in 1878, and had gone on to train at Netley Hospital as a surgeon in the Army arriving we assume by train.

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Most complete surviving Cistercian monastery in southern England.

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Station Ticket Office Hours

Monday to Friday 6:10am – 10:10am.

Saturday Closed.

Sunday Closed.

Train Station Information

Car Parking: 20 spaces

Cycle Parking: None

Buffets: None

Toilets: None

Taxis: None

Useful Numbers

Tel: 0845 6000 650

Train Information: 0845 7484 950

Travel Assistance: 0845 6000 650

For train times text Netley to 84950