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Chandler's Ford

The original Chandler’s Ford Station opened in 1847. A siding lead to a nearby brickworks, which provided building materials for the local area and beyond. This siding unusually used a horse as opposed to a locomotive to move the wagon loads of bricks. 35 million Chandler's Ford bricks were used in the construction of the London Law Courts.

The station closed in 1969, and the line became a freight- only route. After years of local campaigning, the railway station was reopened for public use in 2003.

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    Local train timetable for the Three Rivers Route.

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  • Blue Star Buses
    Calling at 'Chandler's Ford precinct' bus stop.

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  • Eastleigh Bus Services
    A map for the bus services available in the Eastleigh area.

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  • Upper and Lower Flexford
    Popular green haven, Flexford comprises of Upper & Lower Flexford nature reserve.

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    Listings on the local Chandler's Ford website.

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Station Ticket Office Hours

Monday to Friday 6.10am - 12.30pm

Saturday 7.10am - 13.30pm

Sunday Closed

Train Station Information

Car Parking 45 spaces

Cycle Parking 3 spaces & lockers

Buffets: Platform 1

Toilets: When ticket office is open

Taxis: None

Useful Numbers

Tel: 0845 6000 650

Train Information: 0845 7484 950

Travel Assistance: 0845 6000 650

For train times text Chandlers Ford to 84950